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Can you do DIY copywriting and internet marketing?

Can you do DIY copywriting and internet marketing?

By In Blog On June 30, 2014

DIY Seo 2A knock-on effect of the internet is the number of people who can work from home and as a consequence are starting up their own business, however small.

One of the difficulties that has arisen though is that unless your English is of a high enough standard, internet marketing in the form of web copy, blog or article marketing is just not going to work.

This has become more of an issue now than ever before with Google penalising poor copy or judging a site’s ranking on the relevance, appeal and standard of the content.

Marketing on the web has become so popular and lucrative, it takes another skill to work out how best to do this. The strategy for this is better known as search engine optimisation or SEO.

The trouble is most companies tickle it, they don’t understand how to use it properly to get more customers. There’s not enough time, they’re too concerned about other things and it seems a vast expense to outsource it to a specialist firm with mind-boggling fees. That’s the biggest mistake that businesses are making with their SEO tactics.

Yet few realise that the people who are trained to write good English that appeals and sells their product – the website copywriters or content writers – are often trained in SEO tactics. You can get both under one roof, providing, as with any outsourcing, you look carefully and get the right people to do the right job. Website copywriters are in demand. Poor English is being penalised by the search engines, poor content does not attract the readers and low standards of SEO do not even get you in front of the visitors. It’s now become the specialist area of the copywriter to get all three of these working in harmony.

For serious business gain, internet marketing needs this professional service and a designated person in your company to manage it. When it comes at a fraction of the price of direct marketing or a whole host of other stuff, you can see why your input can be quite lucrative. For a small investment, there is much to be gained.

Many copywriters also give out free tips and guidance on SEO; look out for these as they can help immensely in getting you started. Once you understand the basics, you can easily progress to tackling more. If your English is up to scratch and in good shape you may be able to manage your own internet marketing campaign. However, the difference between what you think is good and the standard of a professional copywriter may be the difference between page 1 on Google and floundering on page 2 or 10 – where no one will find you.


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