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Copywriting and PR

Copywriting and PR

By In Blog On November 27, 2014

In the last two decades, the practice of public relations has undertaken a vast change, coinciding with the growth of the internet, social media and decline of print.

Where once there were just press releases and phone calls to be offered to print and television media, there is now the unlimited exposure offered by websites and social media.

PR now needs a wider skill set, and on most occasions a dedicated copywriter is necessary to create copy that will suit your client and target publications.

Press releases

The art of writing a press release has not changed drastically with the birth of digital media. A snappy introduction is still needed to grab the attention of the journalist, a quote is always necessary and it is still just as important to not oversell the product.

However, what is now needed is the ability to adapt press releases to different publications, as every website has its own method of operation and writing style.

Pitching a release made for a newspaper to a website will leave your business without any exposure and the editor may not even glance at a subsequent submission from you in the future.

Social Media

Modern copywriters have had to get to grips with one of the most effective marketing tools available: Twitter.

This constant stream of information allows you to connect and reach out to millions of people worldwide and the only catch is that it has to be done in 140 characters.

Twitter can create a constant stream of conversations with potential clients, and a copywriter will make sure that each word is crafted accordingly.

Followers are engaged on a one-to-one basis. By using the @ function as well as hashtags, combined with an interesting sentence, potential clients can be reached.


The first social media application to really capture the global imagination is Facebook; it has been in the public conscience ever since it was created in 2004.

With over 500 million people connected on this site, any business that does not have a page online will struggle to match their competitors in cyberspace.

After setting up your own page, the ability to interact with friends and potential friends is of utmost importance in the search for those elusive likes.

A copywriter will write posts that are snappy, entertaining and easily shared.

Talk to your clients

PR is no longer just about journalists because social media allows you direct access to your customers, and every word written online has to count.

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