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Five tips for social media management

Five tips for social media management

By In Blog On October 29, 2014

In the last 10 years social media has emerged as one of the most interesting ways for business to connect with both current and potential clients.

Unfortunately, the speed at which these applications have grown has left many business owners behind, and their companies are suffering as a consequence.

Here are five tips to get you up-to-date:

1. Know your audience

One of the easiest errors to make is thinking that all social media sites are the same, and therefore whatever you write can be put directly on to them all simultaneously.

The three most popular social communication sites are Facebook, Google + and Twitter – and each respond positively to very different approaches.

With Facebook and Google + you are more likely to be interacting with existing clients, this means you are looking to upload content that you know they will like and share, effectively a word of mouth service for the modern age.

On the other hand, Twitter is better for interacting with potential new customers and related businesses. The relationship between users is symbiotic and re-tweets and favourites will only be obtained if you make the most of the 140 character limit.

2. Topical

Social media has become the fastest way to get up-to-date news. An effective way to get noticed when writing posts is to create content related newsworthy material.

Use the hashtag function to find current trends and then hook your posts on them to improve your exposure as well as gaining followers, likes and shares.

3. Interact

Social media is about engaging with other people because ultimately these sites are like online networking meetings. Communicate with people directly and they are more likely to answer you, and create a lasting business relationship.

For instance, on Facebook, why not communicate with individuals instead of just posting statuses, while on Twitter don’t be afraid to use the @ function.

4. Explore them all

When writing for social media, be aware of any new innovations or apps that might be relevant to your interests.

Don’t neglect any platforms in favour of just doing Twitter. The more pages on different applications you’re managing, the further your reach is likely to extend.

5. Share bite size content

Social media users are online mainly for pleasure, and writing posts that are long and drawn out will immediately lose their attention.

Aim to give small pieces of information that are likely to be interesting enough to share. Guides and top tips articles tend to be the most popular for sharing, as they break down a subject into straightforward chunks.

Each number in the list stands alone and is likely to entice the reader to continue down the page.

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