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The skill of a freelance medical copywriter

Medical agencies, well-being clinics, private doctor consultancies abound and a medical writer is often required to help with the wording on their documents. In the age of the internet it is even easier to access these areas. Highly skilled doctors[...]

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10 Blog writing tips from a blog copywriter London

1. Content However smart and stylish your website, a lack of quality content writing will send you plummeting down the search rankings. Write quality, informative blogs on a range of subjects and regularly upload them to your site. 2. Communication[...]

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A content writer explains how to write a successful press release

A press release is the best way to communicate with media journalists, whether for newspapers, magazines and journals, radio or TV channels. However, there is a standard and appropriate way to write them to catch the attention of a receiving[...]

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The golden rules of SEO web content writing

It is likely you will be considering search engine optimisation techniques (SEO) for your website, which will include SEO copywriting. Page 1 search results Imagine that someone searches on their device for the exact item you offer. The results in Google come[...]

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Copywriting for the web: top five mistakes

The importance of having a sharp, critical eye is vital in web content writing (often referred to as copywriting for web). It can take a web copywriter years of dedication, hard work, training and skill to get this right. Content[...]

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A professional content writer explains fresh content and SEO

No 1 page ranking This is what every company craves and aims to achieve. If you ask a web copywriter London for advice on successful online ranking, they will tell you first that visibility in the search engines is vital.[...]

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A web content writer needs to sleep well!

Your ability to meet the challenges of your working day may just be about the amount of rest you get. It may sound obvious Breakfast meetings, and evening networking events, abound on the local business circuit. Yet beware the impact[...]

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A London copywriter will make your words your company windows

Website copy is the equivalent of a shop window. People can stop, look in and get an idea of what you produce or sell, enter your shop and make a purchase – or they can walk past and go elsewhere.[...]

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Why you need a web content writer to write your business newsletters

A good content writer will be skilled in knowing how best to get you to stand above the crowd. Be seen and heard To get your message out, you need to be seen and heard – and by more people[...]

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What is an advertorial?

What differentiates a press release and published editorial, from an advertorial? Nowadays, most journals have an online presence so it’s also worth considering SEO value in both. I will give you some guidelines here to help you to see the[...]

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