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Why hiring SEO web writers is a business necessity

Web copy, blogs and articles come in all shapes and sizes. Yet companies offering the same or similar service come individually wrapped. When you hire a website copywriter you need one that is tailor made for your business. Web content[...]

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3 great things to know about SEO blog writing

To be an SEO blog writer, it’s important to understand the 3 distinct phases: Blog writing. A regular activity for many businesses is writing blogs – and to be a successful blog writer, you need to be consistent. Good blog[...]

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10 top editing tips a content writer needs to know

Whether you are content writing for internet marketing, writing website copy or advertising leaflets, your English must be high quality. Your grammar must be 100% correct in order to avoid your ranking being negatively impacted, and for your visitors to[...]

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How to be an SEO blog writer

Online blog and article marketing can be powerful PR and comes at a fraction of the price of conventional media based PR. In terms of exposure and increasing your ranking in the search engines, SEO blog writing can not only[...]

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E-mail circular writing…top tips from a London content writer

Most e-mail marketing circulars are deleted, a fact any business person needs to accept. However, that doesn’t mean it’s something you shouldn’t do. It just means that it pays to get it right. E-mail circulars are an easy way to[...]

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Hire a web content writer for great SEO copywriting

It is often thought that a web copywriter holds the secret to instant internet success. SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is the art of writing words that help Google to find you and deliver your site in front of the[...]

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5 SEO copywriting tips…from a website copywriter London

If customers are clicking off your site as soon as they land on it, it’s probably time you started looking around for a website copywriter or content writer. First, ask yourself some questions: 1. Do you know your target market?[...]

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Blog writing and SEO copywriting: 6 top tips

  Chatting over the internet in a blog style language may seem a fairly tedious, ineffectual way of doing business but it can be an interactive form of remote networking that works well. To get this right, offering a good[...]

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Content writing for your visitor

Write for your visitor, not for yourself. Does your copy sound as if it has been lifted straight from the page of a brochure, or an advertorial? As a web copywriter, I see web copy that is often written in[...]

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5 tips for writing a catchy strapline

The role of the copywriter has changed somewhat over the last few decades, but one skill that has remained a necessity is the ability to write an engaging strapline. Here are 5 tips for getting yours right: Don’t overdo it[...]

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