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Why blogging is important for your business.

Why blogging is important for your business.

By In Blog On August 28, 2014

With the internet now likely to be your main source of income, start posting regular blogs – and increase the activity.

Writing continual fresh content on your website will not only improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) but it can help create a large and interactive social media following.

Search engine optimisation

After Google’s upgrade to their new algorithm last year, many businesses which had sat on page one for their specific keywords plummeted down the rankings, losing out on business they had previously taken for granted.

This is because one of the key features of this new algorithm is a focus on relevant content. No longer does the search engine rely solely on keywords. It now needs business-related text to be regularly uploaded on to the site – with keywords carefully placed and not overused.

Inform your customer and let them know who you are.

With a blog you can give personal insight into the inner workings of your business, discuss tips and tricks, or talk about upcoming products.

People want to know about how your enterprise works, who founded it and even how employees enjoy their time working with you.

By having a clear and understandable blog, potential clients will begin to feel like they know you and your business, leading to more trust in your products.

Create a group of followers

Another of the new aspects of Google’s new ranking system is the focus on social media engagement.

An insightful blog generates a buzz online, and the more compelling the read, the more attention you will get on social media.

Sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + will bring you more customers through sharing and spreading the word and also improve your search engine ranking.

Promote your product

A blog gives you the perfect opportunity to promote your product in a colourful, serious or exciting way.

When composed by a professional copywriter, a blog will grow interest in a product without directly selling.

If people are enjoying reading your blog then they are likely to be interested in your product.

Blogs are essential

Making sure each blog is balanced and diverse in content is a difficult task – this is where a copywriter comes in.

Using intimate knowledge of web copy and audience engagement, they pen blogs that will help you fly up the rankings, get you talked about, whilst making sure your website never goes stale.

Every online business should have a blog, and it is imperative that time is set aside to make sure articles are engaging, professional and informative.

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