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Content writing for your visitor

Content writing for your visitor

By In Blog On March 30, 2015

Write for your visitor, not for yourself.

Does your copy sound as if it has been lifted straight from the page of a brochure, or an advertorial?
As a web copywriter, I see web copy that is often written in a style that convinces no-one. What do you mean by ‘offering a comprehensive service’ or ‘at an affordable price’? Why should people believe you offer a ‘personal service’ and ‘care about your customers’?

Write in an engaging style that creates welcome.

To write as if you are having a friendly conversation with your visitor isn’t going to work by stuffing keywords in all over the place. SEO copywriting London is a skill; it means pleasing your visitors, whilst winning favour from the search engines. Your web content copywriting should be high in quality, tempting the visitor to pick up the phone, write an e-mail or go to the check out. This has to be done without overstatement, repetition or force feeding.

Do you really know what sort of people your potential customers are?

Visitors looking for their ideal plumber may be the same people searching for an accountant; they will be attracted by styles of writing, individual to each profession. A web copywriter will think about your market and then write for them: people first, search engines second. Algorithms may change but people remain largely the same: wanting a solution to their problem.

Why are you writing, what are you writing, what is the purpose of writing it?

What is the overriding need of the majority of your visitors? What would you like them to understand and what is important to them? It’s amazing how many business owners miss this when writing copy for websites. You may have inserted all the right keywords, with due regard for frequency and density but what’s the point of them landing on your page if you haven’t really addressed them as reasonably intelligent people?

Write in an easy to understand, professional and clear style

Avoid writing dramatic language. Keep your sentences logical with an easy flow and professional slant that reflects your standard. Avoid clichés, jargon, ambiguity and unusual quotations; some of your visitors could be foreigners and may not speak or read English fluently. Use everyday speech without any colloquial words or phrases. Your visitors will be looking for one clear point, not several jumbled together. A good website copywriter will help guide you.

Use headings, sub headings, bullets and links

Create attractive SEO copy, avoiding repetition or different ways of saying the same thing 2 or 3 times over. Help your words look presentable and easy to digest with clear headings which you can also optimise. Long, unbroken paragraphs look cluttered and are tiring to read.

However brilliantly written or well optimised with the right anchor text and links, it’s not going to invite social media bookmarking or sharing if the writing is plain dull.

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