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Content writing for your visitor

Write for your visitor, not for yourself. Does your copy sound as if it has been lifted straight from the page of a brochure, or an advertorial? As a web copywriter, I see web copy that is often written in[...]

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5 tips for writing a catchy strapline

The role of the copywriter has changed somewhat over the last few decades, but one skill that has remained a necessity is the ability to write an engaging strapline. Here are 5 tips for getting yours right: Don’t overdo it[...]

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Copywriting and PR

In the last two decades, the practice of public relations has undertaken a vast change, coinciding with the growth of the internet, social media and decline of print. Where once there were just press releases and phone calls to be[...]

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Five tips for social media management

In the last 10 years social media has emerged as one of the most interesting ways for business to connect with both current and potential clients. Unfortunately, the speed at which these applications have grown has left many business owners[...]

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Why blogging is important for your business.

With the internet now likely to be your main source of income, start posting regular blogs – and increase the activity. Writing continual fresh content on your website will not only improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) but it can[...]

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Five reasons why your e-commerce site needs a copywriter

The links work perfectly, and the pictures on your site show what your company is all about, but business still hasn’t improved. It sounds like you’ve made the classic e-commerce mistake of not hiring a copywriter. Here are 5 reasons[...]

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Can you do DIY copywriting and internet marketing?

A knock-on effect of the internet is the number of people who can work from home and as a consequence are starting up their own business, however small. One of the difficulties that has arisen though is that unless your[...]

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