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SEJ Copywriting Services accepts no liability for copywriting resulting in low or no response. All marketing activity should be thought of in terms of long-term gain and as part of an ongoing mix of activity from both Client and Agency. Where SEJ are employed as book editors, proofreaders, copywriters or ghost writers, the company cannot be responsible for factual errors in the copy. Nor can SEJ be responsible for breaches of privacy laws, libel or slander.Whilst SEJ will endeavour to advise the client to best intentions, the company is not comprised of legal experts; SEJ cannot be expected to spend unreasonable amounts of time to check Client facts on behalf of their service or legal facts and other data on behalf of the Client. We therefore strongly advise the Client to check all facts and data as accurately as they can before submission of book, manuscript or other work to SEJ copywriting Services.

It is in the interest of our clients to follow the advice given by SEJ in regard to submission material, although client input of ideas is valued, noted and respected. However, the client is solely responsible for such submissions.

Whilst SEJ takes all proper measures to avoid plagiarism, the company cannot be held responsible for acts of plagiarism, should The Client later be accused of copied work or work with similarities. It is up to The Client to check work before publication.

SEJ can in no way be responsible for copywriting material, including online press releases, being submitted to other resources for their use, with or without payment to the client, and without notification to SEJ or the client.

SEJ can in no way be responsible for CV/job application letters or Statement of Purpose documents resulting in no interview, acceptance or employment for clients.

SEJ can in no way be responsible for work that results in poor or no sales or low Return of Investment (R0I).

SEJ can in no way be responsible for low or static search engine rankings, poor conversions or search engine results.

SEJ Copywriting Services can, without notice, withdraw from an agreement with The Client, but will endeavour to give 14 days written notice.

SEJ Copywriting Services will require written authorisation to embark on any work; the acceptance of a starting month/agreement of quote or estimate for work constitutes the
agreement of work. SEJ requests any amendments to copy is sent in a simple Word doc with changes in red and that track changes and strike through are not used.

All copy is supplied in Ariel in a Word document in 11 or 12 font size, or according to various headings.
We ask for a brief to be supplied in a similar Word format document. If a brief is submitted in another, possibly more complicated format, whereby we are taking a length of time to retype into Word where a straightforward copy and paste facility is not applicable, there is likely to be an additional charge for the time taken.

For web copy: SEJ will submit an initial draft. If, after 3 attempts, the Client does not feel the subject is going to be sufficiently well understood to complete the job, SEJ will withdraw on an amicable basis, retain copyright and refund any payment. Please note, this would be extremely rare and unlikely; proof of complaint and reasons would need to be submitted in writing in order to process the withdrawal from work and refund.

If SEJ does not hear back from the client with a request for amendments within 14 days after final submission of copy, this will be taken as confirmation the work has been accepted and no further amendments can be made without a further quote and payment.

Minor amendments: SEJ cannot go on ad infinitum making minor adjustments to copy. Where alterations need to be done on submitted copy, these are done willingly. However a view will be taken after a maximum of 6 submissions that a revised fee may have to be considered.

SEJ regrets that the fee charged covers writing of documents only; the company cannot upload material to a website or online unless an extra fee is negotiated.

Clients paying for regular monthly work do so upfront, before work commences. They must give a month’s notice in order to withdraw from monthly payments at any time, even if these payments are variable in amount. Once all outstanding payment for work has been received, including any ongoing work at that time which we are unable to cancel or may have begun prior to payment, SEJ will not proceed with future work unless requested by the client.

If payment is delayed by the client’s choice, SEJ reserves the right to stop work immediately and when payment is made, the 4 weeks or month will be charged as if payment was made on the due date. Therefore the next invoice will follow on the original due date and not be postponed to account for any delay in payment.

If SEJ delays sending of a monthly or 4 weekly invoice, this will be waived and the work will continue without a break.

Where monthly blogs or articles have been ordered the quote will not include researching suitable themes and titles and the company will expect the client to supply these each month in advance unless otherwise agreed.

A blog or article will be written to the usual word count of 400-450 words unless otherwise agreed.

SEJ aims to please clients and understand any concerns that may, from time to time, arise. Should any difficulties arise, the company will endeavour to resolve these by negotiation in an amicable, mutually positive way.

For regular weekly or monthly work, SEJ endeavors to work a month ahead with research, and commencement, in order to be well on schedule for deadlines. In projects of ongoing regular work such as newsletters/blogs, e-mails/circulars a month’s notice is required for cancellation.

The Client must respond within 14 day to requests for copywriting questions and approvals. SEJ cannot make continual phone calls, e-mails or texts to check when answers are expected. If communication from the client falls outside this time period, SEJ cannot guarantee priority or meeting of deadline dates.

In the event such response is not received from the client, SEJ PR & Writing Services will make a judgment accordingly, in view of any work that has commenced to that point and charge accordingly if the client wishes or decides not to go ahead on further work.

It is unacceptable to be continually adding on new/additional services or requirements beyond normal draft amendments as set out in the brief. If ongoing work is required, SEJ would be happy to discuss a small monthly retainer or additional fee.

For ad hoc work where cash fees are under £250.00 SEJ requires an upfront payment before commencement of work.For fees above £250.00 SEJ can offer invoice for 50% of the total upfront and 50% on completion. For work above £750.00, 50% upfront is required, then 25% at the half way mark and the final 25% on completion. We are happy to negotiate this for loyalty and long term clients.

Where payment is made and a client decides to withdraw, after agreement to commence, SEJ regrets that refunds cannot be made.

Regular & Retainer Clients: all retainer/regular monthly fees must be paid for in advance. Work will commence upon receipt of payment but where monthly ongoing work requires regular input, work may commence in good faith before invoice is paid. All work done during this time will be covered by the month’s notice on payment.

Allocated hours will be used for research, analysis, drafts, communications with client and media, contact media, create media lists, write press releases, writing articles, printing, filing, re-drafting or any other PR, marketing and copywriting activity that is deemed necessary for the campaign or work brief.

Please respect efficient cash flow is part of the company’s success. Where invoices have not been settled after a maximum of a month, it will be necessary for SEJ to impose a 2.5% interest charge. This will increase by 0.5% for each outstanding month that follows.

Samples: where a client requests samples of our work, these are freely given. However, if fresh writing is required for sample documents the copyright for these will be held by SEJ. Any subsequent editing, copying or publication outside of our domain will be considered an infringement of our Intellectual Property.

If SEJ does not hear otherwise, it will be assumed you have read and understood these Terms, prior to commencement of work. Thank you and we look forward to working with you.