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Tips on SEO copywriting

By In SEO On May 20, 2011

indexIt is often thought that a web copywriter holds the secret to instant internet success. SEO or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ is the art of writing words that help retain and persuade customers to buy into your product or service so you get maximum impact from your website.  SEO copywriting services means better ranking and improved conversions.

  • SEO content writing should pleases the search engines
  • Write web content that pleases visitors too
  • Create credible link building strategies from authoritative sources

Any good website copywriter will explain that writing SEO copy today is about creating content that inspires so that people want to let the world know about it.  It’s about creating appealing copy that search engines – and people – love.

Your credibility, trust and expert authority will help the pages which you want to rank high for certain keywords.

However, what really determines the ranking criteria of a page is what happens away from the page. By this we mean attracting links from other good sites.

If your copy isn’t good enough to attract favourable and natural links, it doesn’t matter how optimised the content is, no-one is going to pay much attention to it. The location and frequency of keywords is still critical because search engines work by keying in on the various word patterns people are looking for and returning relevant content. Yet that’s not all there is to it and people easily overdo it.

Search engines want genuine content pages and not additional ‘doorway’ pages that they can detect as having been created just to achieve high rankings. This is where the skilled SEO copywriter in London can produce copy that the engines do not then view as suspicious or ‘spam’.

A minimum of approximately 450 words per page is recommended, with one or two targeted and strategically placed search terms, but not too many.

Of course there are other SEO techniques for getting to the top 10 search results other than asking a freelance digital copywriter. The reason is due to other techniques having a good match to the engine’s algorithm – or criteria. To make matters confusing, search engines change and tweak their algorithms.

Competitive search terms may not always be the ones where huge numbers of results are returned. It may be better to use search terms that are not so competitive, rather than ones where millions of people are trying to gain top rankings for their sites.

However, whilst this can help to bring people from the search engines to the website, if your site fails to sell its products to the people clicking on it, there isn’t much point in them visiting. The important part is to get your web copy written well first before you go further.

So what is the importance to Google in relevance and quality?  Frequency and density of targeted keywords in the optimisation process will play a big part. You then have to pitch keyword research against the face of changing algorithms.

If you choose your web copywriter well, you can achieve all three of these strategies so your web site attracts people, inspires reading and converts readers to customers.

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