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10 Blog writing tips from a blog copywriter London

10 Blog writing tips from a blog copywriter London

By In Uncategorized On June 26, 2016

1. Content

However smart and stylish your website, a lack of quality content writing will send you plummeting down the search rankings. Write quality, informative blogs on a range of subjects and regularly upload them to your site.

2. Communication

Be yourself and keep to your own style. Develop a tone of voice that suits you and with which you feel comfortable. When copywriting for web avoid overwhelming with too much information. Blog writers are skilled professionals.

3. Jargon

Leave out any in-house jokes or complicated trade jargon that others in a different trade or profession will not understand. The same applies for clichés, literary quotes and random quips.

4. Loudspeaker

Read your content writing out loud. If anything sounds unnatural or makes you breathless, re-write the words to sound more fluent and focused. If in doubt, ask for advice from a website copywriter.

5. Relax

Write with a logical flow; imagine you are talking to a colleague in business who will be reading your post. Delete anything that sounds stilted, lazy or too casual. However, don’t make the content sound too stiff or corporate.

6. Length

A blog is not an essay. It needs to be long enough to capture reader interest and stimulate further thought or a response. A specialist SEO web copywriter can give you tips and advice.

7. Update

Update your blogs regularly. Readers will warm to fresh messages and guidance. When writing blogs, they should be given the same attention as when you are writing your other marketing material or web content writing.

8. Proofread

Typos and bad grammar can easily appear when writing copy and errors will lower your credibility. Proofread your copy several times. Readers will respect your polished, professional style. Blog writing deserves care and attention.

9. SEO

Insert your keywords into your text carefully so that they retain the natural flow, without sounding forced. Search engines will find you more easily and raise your ranking.

10. Purpose

Be consistent in sending out a message with a clear purpose. Your blog should be targeted to the right audience, not a personal ramble of your thoughts. An experienced web content writer will have the skill to do this and it doesn’t cost a fortune.


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