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10 quick blog writing tips

10 quick blog writing tips

By In Uncategorized On August 6, 2016


Being a blog writer can be a very effective online marketing method. Google has regularly reiterated the importance of having fresh, relevant content on your site. It has also stipulated that this must be written in high quality English.

You can very easily write blogs and become a content writer for your site by writing engaging, helpful and informative blogs and posting them up on your site. This is simple, inexpensive and can get you a higher place in the ranking order.

  1. Blogging can also be a form of very good PR. You need to avoid direct selling or an advertorial style but you can embrace social media, with the possibility of reaching millions.
  2. Many digital marketing agencies will consult web content writers to get a regular stream of blogs for their clients. This will be a part of the overall SEO strategy.
  3. You can help raise your profits by promoting your products or your service just by writing well-written, informative blogs.
  4. A freelance digital copywriter will often write blogs for bulk orders. This may include some simple research and keyword placement.
  5. Visitors can also feel more involved with your company when you write blogs offering useful tips for free, with advice, whilst giving solutions to their problems.
  6. When you offer guidance in a helpful, friendly manner, whether you are a small or a large business, you can help people avoid expense and further difficulties.
  7. Avoid selling or pushing your products in front of people too much in a hard sell. Just be yourself, full of humour and generous spirit, striking up easy conversation.
  8. Being an expert in your field and offering tips will interest people too. You will engage with them before they have even contacted you. They will already see you as a nice person.
  9. Being a blog writer can do wonders for your reputation. As you spread your word around, people will link to you and recommend you to their associates.
  10. Insert about 3 keywords into each blog but you don’t need to cram them in and overdo it. An SEO content writer who is keen to get to know your business will help you if you get stuck.

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