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4 Top SEO tips for a stronger web presence

4 Top SEO tips for a stronger web presence

By In Uncategorized On July 28, 2016

1. Website copy

Writing good website content is not as easy as it seems and best to avoid a DIY job. The vast majority of people who are not experienced website copywriters will make grammar errors and spelling mistakes that they may not always be aware of. It is also highly unlikely you can be objective enough to stand back and write your own content with the skill of a professional web content writer. When a few carefully placed keywords are added in to the copy, you will have a good SEO platform from which to expand.

2. Updating

Get a blog page. You can become a blog writer and upload regular, fresh content onto your blog page to keep the flow of content. Insert keywords carefully, without using too many and so that they read naturally in the text. Blogs show you are connecting with the world and that your site is active and user-friendly. This is a big magnet for search engines to find you and see you as authoritative, giving visitors a good experience. Search engines will always deliver back the site most relevant to the query so share tips, news, solutions to difficulties.

3. Social media output

The effectiveness of social media has become too well-known to ignore. It has overtaken many other SEO techniques for getting noticed. Google will base its algorithms on the social media activity of a company and if you are popular and active, more people will link back to you. The site therefore gets a higher rating in ranking.

4. Strong relevant links

Avoid irrelevant links or link spinning techniques as these will only pull you down. Natural link building from social media posts are one of the best ways to get inbound links and give a boost to your page ranking. This strategy also fulfills the need to please both people and search engines, and boost your popularity with both.

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