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5 SEO copywriting tips…from a website copywriter London

5 SEO copywriting tips…from a website copywriter London

By In Uncategorized On May 27, 2016

If customers are clicking off your site as soon as they land on it, it’s probably time you started looking around for a website copywriter or content writer. First, ask yourself some questions:

1. Do you know your target market? It may surprise you just how many businesses think only about keywords and how their site can rank better. Think about the needs of your target customers and then get your website copywriter to craft copy personalised to this audience. This means writing copy that appeals to their motivations, goals, needs and interests.

2. Next, go back to those keywords and tell your web copy writer what your main search terms are. If you have chosen a London copywriter who is skilled and has experience, he or she will know how to insert them seamlessly into your copy, so that they are balanced and sound natural.

3. The copywriter you have chosen will get to know your company and be able to write with a matching tone of voice. For the web content writer who is experienced, they will be able to write engaging, well-written copy in excellent English, specifically for your potential customers. The copy will attract the right visitors and get your message across, relevant to your brand.

4. If you are doing a DIY website re-write, make sure your page titles are concise, with headlines that attract attention. If you can get a keyword into a heading, it will add strength, much greater appeal and could mean just one click to find you. Do a quick check on the keyword insertion in your copy too and make sure they are positioned correctly.

5. Write blogs and post them on a blog page on your site. Whizz them around social media and encourage conversations, link building and sharing. If you position keywords effectively in your blog posts, the effect in Google can be terrific. They also provide a ready-made pathway for visitors into your site.

Copywriting is more than just writing your own web copy…and it can bring you so much more too.

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