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5 top tips on copywriting for websites

5 top tips on copywriting for websites

By In Uncategorized On July 24, 2016

Uploading content which is well-written, informative and relevant is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. Getting back links pointing back to your site from high ranking and appropriate sites is not only favourable to search engines but will boost your position in the search engine results.

If searchers key in a phrase or keyword that leads them to come across your page out of the hundreds of others competing for the same chance, it is worth spending the time on writing and loading up fresh content.

Write for the searchers

When creating words for a web page, follow the rules of a website copywriter: keep the content informative and reader friendly. It makes no difference if you are writing web copy, blogs, articles or online brochures, it isn’t going to help you if you think only in terms of keywords and search engines.

Think of the visitors who you want linking to your site, sharing your news and tips, whizzing them around social media. Keep to an engaging, lively tone that is easy to read.

Keyword stuffing

If you are writing for real people, forget about stuffing in every possible keyword or search phrase. Keywords should blend into the sentence naturally and be secondary to the quality of the content. You will give both readers and search engines a bad experience if you try and do otherwise, and send both running in the opposite direction. Content writing is a skill, not simply copy interspersed with keywords.

Quality over quantity

Large chunks of text in bulky paragraphs will be off-putting to a reader. Keep sentences short, paragraphs concise and split them up with short headings. You can use italics and bold as long as it is not overdone and bullet lists if kept brief. Readers like to scan read, picking up the essential points which they can do easily if content writing is broken into smaller chunks.

Web copy writing demands using a clear font, breaking down the information to easy paragraphs. Search engines will look for the site that will deliver the searchers the most authoritative, user-friendly one that will provide a solution to the searcher’s need.


Update your website copy regularly. Once or twice a year is a good place to start, keeping content fresh and avoiding stale content. Post a regular supply of blogs to your site, filled with relevant content writing. Engage, inform, share tips and keep blogs optimised.

Call to action

Web copy writing needs a clear call to action to tell the reader what to do next. If you have sold them on what you offer and how good your service is, you can entice them to pick up the phone or send you an email.

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