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7 Best website copywriting tips to update your site!

7 Best website copywriting tips to update your site!

By In Uncategorized On September 25, 2016

Website copywriting tips to update for your site

As a freelance content writer, here are seven of my favourite tips:

     1. Less is more

The best tip I can give if you are considering writing your own web copy is less is more. Webmasters are often so closely involved with their subject, the tendency is to write long chunks of what is often quite drab copy, no matter how good your product.

    2. Keeping things crisp

Attracting a visitor’s attention is about keeping copy crisp, concise and to the point. This means maintaining a strong focus, however broad your material. Content writing requires thought and planning.

     3. Inspiration

Your passion for your subject will show by putting together creative words that inspire the reader. This is what website copywriting is all about.

      4. Ranking your site

Search engines, including Google, will rank your site on how well your site content is written. Fresh copy that is optimised will deliver the most significant results. This trend in search engine criteria has been in force for a while and is set to continue, and whatever the search engines are asking for, it is wise to follow.

       5. What’s the value?

Web content must undoubtedly offer value to the customer and this is what the eagle eyes of Google will be looking for. Consistent updates are vital, as are active and engaging social media campaigns. Keep interaction going with lots of sharing, liking and regular posting.

        6. Best writing

Always, always write in top quality English, because the search and ranking criteria will view this as portraying a relevant and authentic site.

         7. Write blogs

One of the best ways to increase your SEO value is to write regular blogs. Make sure these are well optimised, written well and shared around social media for maximum impact. This way customers feel they get a good experience.


If you study your Google Analytics charts, you will easily see the ways in which your site is being measured: the social media signals, the bounce rate, the number of visitors and the standard of English.

As you can see, the very best place to begin is by updating your web site copy. If you need any help, get in touch and let me give you some more guidelines:


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