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A London copywriter will make your words your company windows

A London copywriter will make your words your company windows

By In Uncategorized On June 15, 2016

Website copy is the equivalent of a shop window. People can stop, look in and get an idea of what you produce or sell, enter your shop and make a purchase – or they can walk past and go elsewhere.

Web content writers

The success you will have invariably depends upon the quality of the copywriter for web who you choose to employ. This is the same with printed leaflets and brochures which have a comparable function: to engage the reader and tempt them to buy.

Questions to ask

In order to write enticing copy whether for online, media submission or for print purposes, there are a few important questions that a skilled freelance website writer would advise you ask of yourself:

  • Do your words capture reader curiosity?
  • Are the sentences fresh and persuasive?
  • Are the words focused and effective?
  • Is your company image accurately portrayed?
  • Will the content attract the right clients and why?

Website copywriting 

One size doesn’t fit all. Different forms of marketing should have a different style and a website copywriter will be able to get this right for your company.

The words for screen should be easy-to-read in a relaxed, inviting style. Sentences have to work harder to compete with a short attention span.

Length and content should be balanced with simplicity and search engine criteria.

Print copy

Copy for brochures and flyers is different from web copywriting services.   The language for printed copy is more formal with emphasis on advertising. The information given is concise but uses different word combinations.

Press releases

Press releases are not advertorials or newsletters. A press release does not contain the language used for a report or brochure. Content must be newsworthy and different.

Your identity

To write effectively for these different mediums, find your special qualities. Why are you really different or unique? Why should people feel compelled to contact you?

Does your company have a clearly defined identity?

Try to discover new things to reflect your business, without complexity or misconception. Search for hidden talents, USP’s (unique selling points) and new ways of expressing standard themes.

Be enthusiastic

Reflect enthusiasm in your words. Business owners who are passionate about their service or products are often more appealing and popular, regardless of the price charged.

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