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Best top tips from a web content writer for increasing blog traffic

Best top tips from a web content writer for increasing blog traffic

By In Uncategorized On September 19, 2016

So just how do you interact with your target audience? Content marketing through blogs is one of the best – and cheapest – means. Here, as a website copywriter and blog writer, I give you a few handy tips to get the most out of your content writing strategy:

Be a prolific content writer

Write consistently. Post up at least 3 blogs a month and insert keywords sparingly and so that they sound natural and authentic. Keep the quality of your writing at a high standard. Search engines will not tolerate poor English or bad grammar – and nor will visitors. Blogs should be short and reader-friendly, enough to entice, to scan, to read in a coffee break or on the bus. Being a good content writer is about knowing the rudiments of good SEO too, keep yourself abreast of algorithm changes.

Social media sharing

Readers want to share blogs and they will willingly send them around social media if they are good and well-written. Readers often wait for the next blog off your production line with anticipation. If they like what you write and find it useful, interesting and of benefit to the, they will eagerly await more. Engage with your social media friends and contacts, reach out to their needs and whatever you do, avoid ‘selling’ to them.


Try linking to other websites, and check they are authoritative, authentic ones before you do; comment on blogs by other content writers and get a conversation going. This will help bring attention to your presence and attract people to your blogs. You may find in time you are beginning to get referrals. Just avoid too much linking or you may be picked up as a dubious site.

Be my guest

Some webmasters will welcome publishing your post on their site. You must ensure your blog offers quality content, it is well-written and relevant. If your post gets accepted, this is a great way to expand your content marketing and get your name out. Again, keep out the sales pitch, although there is no harm in being persuasive.

Forum pages

There are many excellent discussion pages on the internet where you can readily be accepted and join in the conversation. If you can find a relevant forum to your subject that will share your posts across social media, this is even better. Start up your own conversation, invite comment and welcome criticism. You may be surprised at how rapidly word about you, and your knowledge, can spread.

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