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Blog writing and SEO copywriting: 6 top tips

Blog writing and SEO copywriting: 6 top tips

By In Uncategorized On December 7, 2015


Chatting over the internet in a blog style language may seem a fairly tedious, ineffectual way of doing business but it can be an interactive form of remote networking that works well. To get this right, offering a good return of investment, it needs a few insider tips from professionals, such as website copywriters.

The key

To get blog marketing to boost your sales and attract lucrative new business is quite simple when you know the secrets that most web content writers will adopt.

  1. Blog marketing must be seen as a proper strategy, to adopt with as much serious thinking as any marketing campaign.
  2. Keep a regular flow of blogs going to your site with proper insertion of keywords, strategically placed throughout your copy.
  3. Understand the mechanics of blog writing: be professional but informative, confident and relaxed. This is exactly how your customers want to see you.
  4. For serious business gain, blogging and SEO copywriting go hand in hand.
  5. By publishing blogs which are well presented with good keyword insertion you gain more than just increasing your Google or other search engine ranking.
  6. Give helpful tips, useful comments, offer guidance and invite comment. You then open the gates to social media and a vastly more powerful PR.

Social media influence

People reading your online articles, blogs and web copy can comment, get in touch and ask for advice; they can re-tweet your news if they use Twitter, send links to their contacts and social media platforms and they can bookmark your page and tell their friends. All this can happen from writing one well written blog or article for your website.

It’s not difficult to see the enormous network of potential customers that are out there and can be made aware of your service or product.


This awareness comes at a fraction of the cost of direct marketing, space advertisements or a whole host of other marketing methods. It’s an opportunity to be you, a human being, not a static brand. You can get to know your customers and they will get to know you. Careful keyword insertion and regular publication of blogs can give social media marketing a terrific boost.

Add in a web copywriter and you have a powerful force behind you. The good news is that an SEO copywriter for websites can usually cut exorbitant SEO costs to a fraction of what a digital agency might charge.

Page ranking

Use the two strategies carefully interwoven with one another and see the difference it can make to your page ranking.

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