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Content writing for website copy

Content writing for website copy

By In Uncategorized On July 30, 2016

When writing web copy, avoid rushing. It may sound obvious but you need to check your words for clichés, bad grammar, repetitive language and poor syntax. Ask any web content writer and they will tell you these type of errors are common; they will give your readers a low impression of your service, however high a standard you offer.


One of the biggest mistakes is to over sell. Avoid telling people how amazingly fantastic you are and how wonderful your product or service is. If you are constantly bragging and selling your service, people will see through it and turn away.

We, you or I

It is generally better to avoid the we, we, we approach. It often comes across as more chest thumping and less concerned about the reader. Where possible, use ‘you’ and try to speak to the reader rather than talk about yourself.


If your copy is written in a relaxed, easy going style it is more likely to sound confident. When the words aren’t forced, they will compel and persuade. Copywriting for the web that doesn’t pressurise or force and avoids a hard sell will always convey a stronger feeling of security, knowledge and welcome.


The customer often gets forgotten when writing web content. It’s easy to think of keywords and ranking as being of prime importance. Whilst search engine ranking is important, there has to be an attraction for the reader too. This means an easy balance between both angles.


When you write for your customer as well as search engines, it means getting the keywords in correctly. If you over stuff, search engines will punish and visitors will turn away. In addition, if keywords are not inserted correctly, with a natural flow, you will almost certainly put visitors off, even if you attract the search engines.

Content writing

Of paramount importance is that your web copy writing is of a high standard. To avoid dropping down the rankings, keep your English grammar intact and the words spelled correctly without typos. Always put the customer first and keep the copy user-friendly, engaging, and relevant. This will also enable the search engines to deliver you to the searchers more readily.

Website copywriter

If you ask a web content writer to check over your work you may find you get much better copy and at a lower price than you think.

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