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Copywriting for the web: top five mistakes

Copywriting for the web: top five mistakes

By In Uncategorized On June 21, 2016

The importance of having a sharp, critical eye is vital in web content writing (often referred to as copywriting for web).

It can take a web copywriter years of dedication, hard work, training and skill to get this right. Content that has been written by someone without experience can be instantly spotted as inferior.

Grammar errors abound when you haven’t been specifically trained in writing techniques. Spelling, punctuation, simple typos, syntax, logical flow are all areas that show up in amateur copy time and time again.

To help you, the top five mistakes in content writing are:

1. The title headline

An appropriate title will give an indication of what the reader can expect. It needs to be catchy, humorous, enticing or compelling or a mixture of all of these to compete, and prevent the reader from clicking off.

2. Over the top

Avoid over-embellishment or drama for the sake of it. This can hide an insecurity or lack of real substance. Readers will see it as a lack of confidence and expertise about your subject. Instead, write short, crisp sentences, keeping the focus concise, which will attract more than lengthy, repetitive copy that is unconvincing.

3. Sounds right

If it doesn’t sound good, it’s best to delete. Read your copy out loud if you are not sure. It’s a simple exercise that can bring out a lot of faults. If the ideas flow well, with a logical sequence, you’re probably going in the right direction. If it sounds disjointed as you read, with duplicate meanings and a breathless construction, discard it.

4. Tone of voice

Readers like to be treated as equals. However well you know your subject, don’t make the mistake of talking down to readers, assuming they are ignorant. In the same way, steer clear of making your explanations too complex and intricate. Aim for a balance to please everyone, regardless of how well they know the subject.

5. Call to action

Give your readers an instruction to follow next after they have read your piece. Provide a telephone number or e-mail. If they need to sign up to something, give an easy link or indication of what they have to do.

In summary, if your copy flows well, is engaging with an enticing headline and effective call to action you will have done your best to give a favourable impression.

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