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Do I need a copywriter to create my strap line?

Do I need a copywriter to create my strap line?

By In Uncategorized On September 26, 2014

Straplines, which are often known as taglines or slogans, are a short combination of words aiming to embody the essence of your business.

Managing to encompass the values, strengths and marketplace of a brand in less than eight words is not a simple task.

Here are some reasons why it takes a skilled copywriter to produce an effective one:


The brainstorming process for a slogan involves thinking laterally about the product at hand. A wide vocabulary is needed but there is a focus on simplicity.

Each line should be interesting but not complicated, straightforward but not dull. A copywriter’s mind is like a thesaurus, knowing which words reflect each opportunity.

Anyone can try to write one, but the multitude of combinations offered by the English language makes it a task more suited to those who write fluid prose on a daily basis. That means a website or content writer.


When writing a strapline, it is easy to get carried away with grand statements of intent. A line should be honest to your brand strengths and concise in what you offer.

As it is often the first piece of marketing a customer will see, the value of the product must be clear from the outset.

A website copywriter with years of experience working with different brands will know how to research and compose an honest strapline which is both true to your ideals and conveys your product.


Each slogan is different, but all have the ultimate goal of drawing in potential clients.

Words are used to intrigue the reader, grabbing their attention with a fluid and occasionally punchy statement.

Ultimately, the aim is to capture customer imagination, making them want to read the website or catalogue, enter the shop or buy a product.

Your business

The mood of a tagline has to be in-line with the characteristics of your business.

The most successful straplines – such as Nike’s Just do it – inspire customers and make them feel that the product is essential to their lifestyle.

It would be difficult to use such an upbeat line for a more sombre service, and this is where it is important to understand how potential customers will naturally react to your business.

A trained copywriter for websites will analyse your given market and use their way with words to help promote your brand in a tone that targets your customers.

Choosing a copywriter

If you want to find out more about having a strapline written by a web content writer, feel free to contact SEJ here.

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