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E-mail circular writing…top tips from a London content writer

E-mail circular writing…top tips from a London content writer

By In Uncategorized On May 27, 2016

Most e-mail marketing circulars are deleted, a fact any business person needs to accept. However, that doesn’t mean it’s something you shouldn’t do. It just means that it pays to get it right.

E-mail circulars are an easy way to attract immediate interest about your product or service or announce change. You don’t have to be a professional content writer to compose a good circular; you just need to know the tricks of the copywriting trade.

The main difficulty is that you only have a few seconds to catch the interest of the recipient.

Most businesses make the mistake of pouring far too much detail into their circulars, losing attention the second it lands in an inbox. No-one has the time to read or download lots of information and images…click goes the delete button.

When the vast majority of e-mails are deleted, it may be worth getting an experienced web content writer to help you.

Try these simple tips first:

1. Words like ‘Urgent’ ‘Not to be missed’ ‘Hot Buy’ will send most people running

Write a crisp, focused and eye catching phrase in the subject line and keep it realistic.

2. Avoid boring readers with dull words

Use engaging language, with words that are conversational and light in tone.

3. Make your reader feel comfortable

Let your reader feel at ease, without selling an advert about you.

4. Less is more

Keep your sentences brief, and your words concise and easy to assimilate.

5. Keep to the point

Make one point, not ten – or repeating the same thing in different ways.

6. How appealing are you?

Layout is important; make the mail attractive and easy to copy and paste or scan.

7. Grammar

Spelling and punctuation must be perfect; bad English will reflect a poor service.

8. Get personal

Address your e-mail to a person with a name, not just to an anonymous list.

9. Sign on the dotted line

Let your readers know who you are, sign off with your name, not just your position.

10. Give them something to do

Let your recipients know what they should do next – call, email, visit your site?

Time and again e-mail circulars are successful in winning new clients so why waste a bigger proportion of success by writing a mail that has little appeal?

For more information on e-mail circulars, contact Sandy at SEJ Copywriting: m. 07985 249 964

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