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Five top tips for great SEO blog writing

Five top tips for great SEO blog writing

By In Uncategorized On September 1, 2016

Creating great web content writing means interacting with visitors. It also means giving them tips and advice, together with a sense of your company character and general profile. This means becoming a good blog writer.

These factors are what your target audience are looking for when they land on your site. First create a good working strategy. Read my guidelines to help you achieve this.

1. Content

Content writing must be of high quality. This is the single, most important factor to get right. It could even be a root cause of why your visitor numbers are low.

Content marketing is another term for blog writing and has to tremendous SEO value. Readers will often eagerly wait for your blogs and share them with others which adds an extra dimension.

Keep blogs short, full of interesting information and handy snippets of advice; avoid a dull read or simply an extended advert of what you do.

If in doubt about the best blog writing techniques, why not ask a freelance web content writer for some tips?

2. Social media 

Instead, reach out to visitors by helping them, offering something of value. This might include a short video clip, photos, quotes or storytelling.

This type of robust approach is likely to give you a much stronger presence and in so doing, increase visitor traffic flow.

Social media is a popular medium for promoting content. However, it’s no good simply posting stuff up and expecting people to read it.

3. Links

Link in to other informative and authentic sites. Make comments on what others are posting which will automatically raise your profile. You may find it gets others linking in to you and even recommending you. However, if an article has too many outbound links, it may get classified as spam.

4. Guest posts

Different webmasters have different approaches to what outside content they will, or will not, accept on their site.

If your content writing is good quality and you clearly have an excellent product, you might consider it an accolade to be accepted as a guest writer on someone else’s site. It’s a great way to reach a new audience and possibly get a link back from a quality site.

5. Forums 

Forums are basically open discussion pages. You can usually find a relevant page that will offer you a good networking platform for your subject. If the forum will accept an article from you, it’s an excellent opportunity to share and spread your word, with your article quickly whizzed around social media.

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