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How to be a great content writer – 6 tips for writing SEO web copy

How to be a great content writer – 6 tips for writing SEO web copy

By In Uncategorized On August 7, 2016

SEO copywriters are content writers. They are people who have the experience and knowledge to tune in to what your target audience is looking for, turning visitors to clicks.

Your website should provide an answer to a problem your visitors needs resolving. Therefore the content on your website should target the questions which users are asking. This usually means understanding the keywords or search terms visitors are typing into a search engine.

It is still best to avoid direct advertising in the form of sales talk which is now very old-fashioned. Buyers are likely to be drawn to a more conversational, natural style.

  1. If your website content is written in quality English with punctuation and grammar intact, it is far more likely to persuade a visitor to contact you. If your copy has relevance and is reader-friendly this will boost your chances even more. Both the above factors are also held in high regard by Google. If copy is not relevant and is not written in top standard English and if it isn’t very reader-friendly, you are likely to see your ranking plummeting.
  2. An SEO content writer will understand about changing search engine algorithms and SERPS – search engine results page. A knowledge of these factors will help when writing content to convert readers to buyers.
  3. Optimisation of your website is more than just writing excellent content with effective keyword placement. It means ensuring the search engine knows what your web page is about and who it will appeal to. This means keeping it relevant, pin-point sharp and accurate.
  4. Searchers are simply people wanting to find the right product or service for their needs. They are often willing to share experiences, recommend and make comment. Therefore having a good online strategy is going to be the best marketing you can offer, engaging and relating to customers.
  5. If you get content writing right, the search engines will find you and deliver you to searchers. You can also help them to convert to buying customers. Being a good SEO content writer can make all the difference to your online presence.
  6. Wherever possible try and get authentic and relevant inbound links which search engines will recognise as a type of credit or vote for your website. As a consequence, they are more likely to place you higher in the search results.


Be a good content writer and you may find business comes your way better than you expected.

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