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3 great things to know about SEO blog writing

3 great things to know about SEO blog writing

By In Uncategorized On June 14, 2016

To be an SEO blog writer, it’s important to understand the 3 distinct phases:

  1. Blog writing.

A regular activity for many businesses is writing blogs – and to be a successful blog writer, you need to be consistent. Good blog writing is uncomplicated and reader friendly as any professional blog copywriter will tell you. Aim for a regular flow of blog material with fresh content that engages in a conversational way. Your blog must be informative and offer something new or interesting. Offer advice or tips, your opinion as an expert and be prepared to share your knowledge to win confidence and trust. Whilst SEO content writing is important, it’s about writing for people not just search engines. A blog is not a magazine article and needs some human emotion. Whatever you do, avoid anything dull or boring.

  1. SEO Copywriting.

Copywriting for the web isn’t as complicated as it sounds but it takes some knowledge and a degree of skill to get right. Optimise your blogs and web copy with seamless keyword insertion. Research your keywords carefully and insert in the correct ratio to please the search engines. Many searchers will type in a complete phrase so include some keyword phrases as well as just words such as ‘web content writer London’. Optimise your headings but don’t force this and sacrifice ‘readability’. Include more keywords in the early paragraphs. This will help satisfy the search engines and also help readers to identify with your subject, knowing they have landed on the correct site: their problem can now be solved or a need satisfied.

  1. Social media and SEO.

The idea behind blogging is to create reader involvement and interaction with a business and that’s where the three elements of social media, SEO copywriting and blog writing are inextricably linked. As a web copywriter, this is well known: miss out one and the other two dilute. Once you have correct keyword insertion, people can visit social media platforms, recommend, bookmark, comment, and send your link around to their followers. All this has the potential to increase business. It will also show up in your analytics and help raise your ranking.

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