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How to be an SEO blog writer

How to be an SEO blog writer

By In Uncategorized On June 3, 2016

Online blog and article marketing can be powerful PR and comes at a fraction of the price of conventional media based PR. In terms of exposure and increasing your ranking in the search engines, SEO blog writing can not only be vital to small businesses but often it is paramount to their survival. A professional web copywriter or blog writer will be able to help you with your internet marketing.

If you have a restricted marketing budget, blog writing for your business can be the cheapest and most effective way to raise both your profile and your ranking. As with most marketing tactics, there’s no quick fix or overnight success.

However, you can often see extremely quick results in the search listings after you have posted up regular blogs on your site. If you add these to social media and then study your Google analytics, you will very often see measurable results – in terms of the before and after traffic, the bounce rate, the number of conversions and your position in the search engine results.

As we know, most of us will source a supplier from the internet rather than rely on print ads or radio – and even if we first spot a business through another medium, it is likely we will turn to the internet to check it out or do comparisons.

It’s a mass of energy worth harnessing and a web content writer will probably advise this course of action as a first measure if your business is struggling to get noticed.

Compile a list of your keywords and make sure each blog you write is limited to about 350-400 words. Insert 3 or 4 keywords strategically placed into your blog and make them flow with the content so they are naturally sounding. Avoid any forced keywords.

Constantly adding better quality and value to your site, usually means sustained online activity. It is often the difference between a business surviving and going under because you are likely to achieve steady organic growth and more customers.

If you are in doubt, consult a freelance digital copywriter to help you; it’s not expensive and you may just find the ROI is worth it.

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