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How to write compelling website content: 6 top tips!

How to write compelling website content: 6 top tips!

By In Uncategorized On September 22, 2016

To win attention and customers, your web copy must stand out and be compelling.

Good keyword insertion is vital for good copywriting for the web; keywords should be inserted naturally and in the right places. The English must be top standard, with no grammar errors or spelling mistakes.

In addition, the tone of voice and the style of the English must match what you do and sound enticing.

Sell and compel

Often overlooked, is one of the most obvious reasons for good content writing. You need to attract visitors to sell your service.

If your web copy writing is SEO friendly, you will also attract the search engines, which means Google.

Is there anyone out there?

A call to action is just that. Make it easy for readers. Provide exact details of what they need to do to contact you. Is it sending an email or calling you? Can you put a direct link to both on your page?

Write a neat, concise punch line to encourage people to get in touch. Let them know you are available and at what times you prefer a call. Many Mobile phones are increasingly being used for web browsing. It may be a good idea to bear this in mind when designing your site and check everything is mobile friendly and easy.

Visitor experience

SEO concerns the readers. It is not just about search engines. Forget keyword stuffing as it will turn both away.

Web content writing not only needs to be creative, it must be relevant and authoritative. This means keeping it specific to what you do and the value you can offer to searchers who are looking for help. Search criteria you will also give a hint of of clicks and visitor length of stay.

Social media

Like it or not, writing blogs, newsletters, or articles about popular and trending topics is a good way to bring more traffic to your website. Readers can gain information and keep abreast of updates and latest trends. Twitter and Facebook are both good platforms to begin with.

Tell, don’t sell

Direct and pushy selling techniques belong to the past. However, use your imagination to craft words that are still tempting and motivate readers to act. Avoid clichés and jargon and keep wording original. Simple is best.


Remember you have something to offer. If it’s worth someone paying for it, you have value. Make sure you don’t accidentally downplay your worth. Shine up your usp’s; give tips, advice and DIY guides. Visitors will soon return for more.

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