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Ten top tips to help you write a good copywriting brief

Ten top tips to help you write a good copywriting brief

By In Uncategorized On May 30, 2014

brief 1The biggest single reason why a particular copywriting for web job goes wrong is usually because the brief was misinterpreted or communicated badly. This can make the difference between success and failure – or argument, tensions, poor relations and, at worst, destruction of reputation.


Most freelance SEO copywriters will welcome the following points being raised:


1. Who is the target market?


Any content writer will need to know target audience. Where do they live, what kind of work do they do, where do they go on holiday? From website copywriting to blog writing, these factors may be crucial.


2. What is the objective?


What is your level of expectation in this project? Why should they use your product or service and not those of a competitor? What would you consider to be a successful achievement?


3. Is your service based on your own bias?


Why should people believe you? If you are chest-thumping and heaping praise on your own service, it’s purely your own objective. Will people benefit on a functional, physical or emotional level?


4. What is your brand image or identity?


This should support your reasons for people to buy into your service. Does your corporate identity define the ethos of your company image and procedures? Have you conveyed this to your SEO copywriter?


5. What does your product or service do?


What role does your product perform? Why would it enrich peoples’ lives or help their business? Why is it worth spending money to purchase from you? Why will they be worse off without your service?


6. Communication


Is your proposition clearly and concisely set out? Is it reader friendly? Have you split it up into brief headings, bullet points and sub headings? Is it supported by relevant links?


7. What is the focal point?


Most businesses offer more than one option for their service – with different products or packages to offer a consumer. Your brief must be spear-headed by the most important one.


8. What are the other points?


Describe the other services or products you offer, succinctly and clearly. Ensure they are communicated as alternative options and not secondary after thoughts. Why do you offer different options?


9.What is the emotional connection?


Will your product change a mood or affect a way of thinking? Can people identify with it? Is there a unique personality that is subtle and needs understatement to convey accurately? Do you promise something new?


10. The details


Include your exact contact details: mobile, landline, e-mail and website. Indicate who is the best person to contact, when is the best time to catch them and what method of communication do they prefer?



This list is by no means exhaustive but it will help you to think in more depth about your product and what exactly you are trying to achieve and why.

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