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The golden rules of SEO web content writing

The golden rules of SEO web content writing

By In Uncategorized On June 21, 2016

It is likely you will be considering search engine optimisation techniques (SEO) for your website, which will include SEO copywriting.

Page 1 search results

Imagine that someone searches on their device for the exact item you offer. The results in Google come up with your website on page 1. Highlighted in front of them, one click, and they’re in. However, less than three seconds later, they click off your site and resume their search in Google.

What went wrong?

Pride of place on page 1 of Google is the dream of online marketing, a prize place for any company.

However, whilst getting visitors to a website is important, engaging with them and enticing them to make a purchase is another goal. You have less than 3 seconds to achieve it.

No matter how much time, hard work and money you have injected into your SEO campaign, you have to get people really interested in your service before they go off and find your competitor.

Web writing

A web content writer will often be called up by a company owner who is absorbed in increasing Google ranking, and making it to page 1.

Sadly, this is sometimes to the detriment of their page content. It won’t do you any good to stuff keywords into your web copy, in the hope of getting you more Google points.

It’s likely that this strategy will do the exact opposite and drive you down the ranking.

Inserting keywords correctly into content is a skill. Web content writing is a careful balance, getting keywords into the copy as part of a natural flow which will still tempt the reader to contact you.

Words sell

The words you have on your website are part of an online marketing strategy. Your web content needs to be written in a refined way that is detailed and informative without sounding like a stiff brochure.

The copy on your site plays a big role in the search engine criteria: the algorithms will detect bad grammar, poor English and keyword stuffing and send you plummeting down the rankings.

Successful SEO

SEO content writing works well with having a good product combined with quality writing and appropriate insertion of the right keywords.

There is no reason why your website shouldn’t be placed high in the search results and keep you busy with lots of calls.

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