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The price is right…

The price is right…

By In Uncategorized On March 4, 2014

copywriting 2Shopping around for the best offer is something we all do. Getting a great deal adds that extra layer of sheen to any purchase, a truism in both professional and personal life. As with everything, however, there has to be balance.

There are always cheaper alternatives, but focusing solely on the bottom line often leads to a huge forfeit on quality. In business, quality is what sets one company apart from another. The price of going cheap once can often end up costing much more in the long run, something we see a lot of as web copywriters. Essentially, the words you choose to promote your business say a lot more than what you do: they say what you are. Copy is the varnish on your company profile, and cheap work will only hide the grain of the wood beneath.

The days of content mills, article spinning, and keyword loading are over; people -and search engines – now want value from the content they source on the web. Uploading copy that has been acquired from the cheapest bidder is not only false economy but will have knock-on effects to the reputation of a company. SEJ often receive requests to fix and edit poorly written content that has been bought at a cut-price fee. The problem is that most of it needs to be rewritten from scratch, incurring even further cost.

The temptation to save money can often be overwhelming, but nothing imbues professionalism more than pristine, well-crafted words on an updated and responsive website. SEO is already switching to this principle, meaning that quality of content is becoming a growing concern for any business serious about their digital future. This includes web copy, blog copywriting, and social media, as well as keyword strategy and density. Striking the correct balance is paramount to any company’s future development as a trusted and well regarded brand in the marketplace.

Outsourcing work to a competent professional is a great way to bring in fresh ideas and a new perspective. But one should see this process as comparable to hiring a new staff member. References need to be checked, interviews must be performed, and the best person hired on merit and suitability. Going cheap will inevitably come to haunt any business in the future, and it is a mind frame which can begin to permeate other areas. If you find yourself in a position of outsourcing work, focusing on value may just save cost later down the line in many more ways than one.


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