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The skill of a freelance medical copywriter

The skill of a freelance medical copywriter

By In Uncategorized On June 27, 2016

Medical agencies, well-being clinics, private doctor consultancies abound and a medical writer is often required to help with the wording on their documents. In the age of the internet it is even easier to access these areas. Highly skilled doctors can now author books and journals or contribute to magazines or online papers with a screen and keyboard.

Medical jargon

Medical terminology could baffle visitors and need simplifying or, if the copy is targeted towards other medical specialists as readers, the language may need to be specifically medical and complex. This is where a freelance medical copywriter can help, possessing both high level English skills, with a knowledge of medical vocabulary.

Searching a private doctor

Advanced technologies, smart phones and tablets make it easy to book flights, find builders and plumbers, buy groceries and find a private medical consultant.

Medical content writer

Website pages are vital to the success of a private healthcare centre, clinic or physician. The site must provide a strong impression of efficiency, knowledge, qualification and credibility; one of the best ways to achieve this is to have top quality web copywriting in place, preferably written by a specialist medical writer.

Standard English

Poor English will give out the wrong signal, making the site or organisation appear to lack professionalism whatever the standard of medicine. Page ranking will also drop.

Google loves original, well written content which contains excellent grammar and with all spelling intact. If your site has top standard content, it will undoubtedly be viewed more favourably and rise up the search results.

Medical copywriting for the web

Writing medical copy is not just about good quality English; it requires a writer who has an in-depth understanding of medical terminology. A good medical writer can simplify the language so that non-medical readers can understand it; they can also write prose incorporating the correct use of medical words for a peer group specialist reader.

Keyword insertion

Medical writing will also need keyword insertion as with any other online copy and a skilled medical writer can add these into medically themed work seamlessly, fitting in with the focus.

Investing in the services of a freelance medical content writer can be one of the best things a medical professional can do. Fresh news, blogs, newsletters are all part of a medical writer’s remit.

The importance of professional medical copywriting on the web today cannot be underestimated, whether to please the search engines or visitors or both.

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