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Tips for finding the right ghost writer   

Tips for finding the right ghost writer   

By In Uncategorized On February 21, 2017

With the sheer volume of published work, both in print and online, ghost writers have never been more in demand, or more numerous. The following are a few top tips for ensuring you find the ghost writer best suited to bringing your book to life.

Constructive critique

A good ghost writer will be honest enough to tell you whether your story idea is substantial enough to transfer into a full-length book. They will provide a format which structures your ideas, and will offer constructive criticism to enhance the chances of your book being published.

There to help

An established ghost writer will never be overtly critical of your story, will be supportive of your vision, and will be a facilitator rather than critic, there to guide and advise. The ultimate editorial decision should always be yours.

No judgement

Good ghost writers are empathetic and non-judgemental. You should feel comfortable enough in their presence to be open about yourself and your innermost thoughts. This is someone you are inviting into your life, and you have to feel comfortable in their presence.

Adapting to your vision

A good ghost writer won’t be offended if you ask for minor changes and revisions, and will be open to constructive criticism of their work. They are there to facilitate your vision, and should be flexible, sensitive and responsive to your needs.

Nowhere to be seen

A good ghost writer will be just that, once your work has been published: an invisible presence. Generally, their name will not be attached to your book unless this is something you have agreed in advance, and they will sign away any rights to the book when you enter into your ghost writing contract.

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