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Web content writing for SEO impact

Web content writing for SEO impact

By In Uncategorized On July 11, 2016

Web content writing

Website copywriting is all about writing good content on your website. It can be surprisingly difficult to write your own web copy. It needs to be written in good English, it should be informative, with originality. When content has these factors in a smooth, logical flow, it becomes authentic.

If content is not compelling or written correctly, the problem is it is not going to attract either people or search engines. Optimisation is about inserting strategically placed keywords in the right density and frequency, and correctly targeted to the right audience.

Social media

The impact of social media for business is very real. Users of social media platforms enjoy being actively involved; they enjoy commenting and sharing. If they like your site and your service or product, they will often share it or make favourable comment.

Attracting good quality, strong links, especially if you post up blogs with informative content, will also help your page ranking. A blog copywriter can help you develop an effective social media strategy, writing regular blogs for your business. For best SEO practice, all factors need to be working together.

Search engines

Search engines work by keying in on various word patterns and phrase matches that searches type in when looking for a service or product. When the search engines get an exact or near match sent to them, they can return relevant content that matches what the searcher is looking for. Search engines like Google also want genuine, trustworthy and reliable pages to send to users, hence why quality content writing is important.

An experienced website copywriter will understand how to write web copy that the engines do not see and mark up as suspicious or ‘spam’.

Search terms

Sometimes it’s not about having the most competitive keywords in your copy. This is because competitive search terms may not always be the ones where large numbers of results are returned. Search terms can work well with results for words and phrases that are less competitive. What this means is that instead of ranking for terms where millions of people are competing with you and trying to gain top rankings for their sites, you can pick up good results by ranking for less common terms. This is because the results returned will be fewer and you can be more easily found without so much competition.

SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting for websites is a skill. It’s about writing words that appeal to people and helps Google to find you.  A freelance copywriter will write quality web copy that improves both your search results, and your conversions by persuading people to buy your product or service.

Web sites that appeal

To make your site favourable in both relevance and quality:

Give search engines what they need to find you.

Create web content that Google wants.

Implement a quality blog writing strategy.

With web content written by a website content writer, combined with blogs and social media, you can help to bring people to your website. However, if your site fails to sell your product or service to them, you might need to address this internally and make changes to your business.

Achieve all three of these and you attract the right searchers who will be inspired and convert to customers.

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