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Why hiring a ghost writer is good business practice

Why hiring a ghost writer is good business practice

By In Uncategorized On January 24, 2017

Expertise attracts interest. That is why writing a book, and being acknowledged as a published authority in your field makes you and your services stand out. It sets you apart from your competitors, who are likely to be similarly qualified and have similar professional backgrounds, and could be the determining factor in how seriously you are perceived by your industry peers and prospective clients.

For busy, successful professionals is finding the time to commit to authoring: the more successful you are, the less time you have. Hire a book writer in London.

Why write a book yourself?

Many business people will have the finely developed analytical and linguistic skills to structure and craft industry guides and academic articles, but are so busy excelling in their chosen career that they lack the necessary time.

Authoring an authoritative text demands an absolute commitment, from the initial structuring of ideas, to drafting, revising, editing and proofing. While you’re struggling through each stage in any snatched time you may have there’s the danger that, in a rapidly shifting business environment, your ideas become less relevant and lose their currency.

The benefits of outsourcing to a London book writer

Hire a ghost writer and it can prove an invaluable investment. Collaborating with you, they can take your ideas or philosophy, shape and structure them to create a valuable branding and marketing tool, crafted to get the results you want.

An interesting by-product of this collaborative process is that by working with someone who transcribes and structures their ideas, many professionals discover a newfound clarity and purpose in relation to their business, their objectives and best strategies for communicating these to a wider public.

Best business practice

Effective management is about the best use of time and resources. Think of all the other aspects of your business operation that you delegate and outsource, whether it be to partners, manufacturers, or digital and advertising agencies. Isn’t getting a ghost writer on board simply a strengthening of the support team working to get your business where it needs to go?

For more information about the benefits of hiring a book writer, please contact Sandy Eifion-Jones at or call: m.07985 249 964

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