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Why use the services of a website copywriter?

Why use the services of a website copywriter?

By In Uncategorized On July 28, 2016

With the huge change in shopping habits, website content has gained massive importance; the success of your business can depend on it. Providing a strong web presence, which is reader-friendly, with top quality English and gives a good impression is the key.

Page ranking

Yet web copy is often written at a low standard, with poor English, wrong tenses, clauses and bad grammar. This can very quickly find you zooming down the page ranking – and looking like a low quality service to potential customers.

A website with well-written content will show higher in the search results. If the writing is not good, then the opposite will take effect. It’s as simple as that.

Search engines

Copywriting for the web is a skill that requires an understanding of how search engines work. It includes finding the best key words and inserting them smoothly into the copy so that they read naturally.

An experienced copywriter will write these terms into the web copy in the correct way.

Website writing

If your page ranking and quality score is not good, it makes sense to invest in the services of a web content writer. If your content is stale or static, you may also find a drop in your ranking, even if the content writing is good.


The way to get round this is to post up blogs regularly with good keyword insertion.

If the writing in your web copy is engaging, relevant and compelling and you have fresh news and updates posted in the form of blogs, preferably sending them around social media, your site will rank higher.

Writing monthly blogs is part of the daily job for a website writer and can have a big effect on your page ranking.

Web copy check

Website copywriting on your site must please the search engines, please visitors and please buyers. Take a look at your web copy and check if the content is fresh and regularly updated.


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